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video Marketing Strategies

for a highly distracted world.

We Believe marketing should be:

Anticipate sales and scale with confidence

Maintain trust and brand integrity

The obvious

A Predictable & Profitable

Marketing Process

Your customers are in search of a transformation from, “I have a problem” to “My problem is solved.”

When you begin to understand there’s a specific sequence of events your customer takes during their decision making process. Anticipating these steps and providing the proper strategies and tactics during each stage is what our process was designed for.

We call it the Customer Value Journey. This journey leads your prospects from the moment they become aware of your brand down a path to becoming a raving super-fan.

You know those people, they will always pick brand A over brand B because of the way brand A makes them feel.

Watch a quick breakdown of The Customer Value Journey

Our Services

Strategic Planning

• The Big Idea
• Brainstorming
• Offer Mapping
• Customer Journey
• 90-Day Growth Accelerator
• Funnel Architecture
• Interplanetary Marketing


• Brand Voice & Messaging
• Customer Avatar
• Character Diamond
• Brand Blueprint
• Brand Design
• Making the Impossible Possible

Video Production

• Creative Storytelling
• Video Ads Designed To Sell
• Human Interviews
• Product Demonstrations
• Storyboarding & Screenwriting

Ready To Launch Workshops

• In-Person Strategic Training Workshops
• Hands-on 1-on-1/Group Sessions
• Corporate/Enterprise Team Training

[Resuming 2021-2022]

Get Started

Awareness & Lead Generation

Starter Package
$ 1200 one-time fee + ad spend
  • Topical lead magnet (copywriting & design)
  • Two Lead generating landing pages
  • Paid traffic campaign
  • Single email automation for lead follow up
  • Social media strategy & micro-content
Entry level starter

Boost your marketing

No matter how successful your brand, no one has piles of cash to burn. Investing in your marketing should return at least breakeven.

That’s why we created this entry level, low-commitment starter package. Build your awareness, drive traffic, grow your leads list.

It’s easy to get started with a simple awareness and lead generation campaign starter package.

We’ll write and design a resource guide that will be delivered via email after the prospect opts-in on a landing page.

The landing page will be promoted with five pieces of social media content through a paid traffic campaign.

With with campaign you’ll be able to:

  • Build awareness
  • Increase engagement
  • Grow your leads list
Make no mistake, this is not a guaranteed instant overnight success. We cannot make you a millionaire in 25 days. 
But this is a start.

About Contrast Logic

The perception of your brand in the mind of your customer is what’s most important.

At Contrast Logic, we have one principal when it comes to the work we do. We want that customer perception to be as high quality as possible. We strive for that “WOW” factor.

Established in 2011, Contrast Logic was founded by Jason M. Hanrahan as a way to challenge the marketing industry by creating impactful video content. With over 20 years in the creative industry, Jason brings the vision, insight, and ability to see the full picture needed for impactful ideas.

These are our core values:

  • Problems know no bounds, therefore ideas should be unrestricted.
  • Nothing is impossible.
  • Work with interesting people to create interesting things.
  • Resourcefulness is the key to victory.
  • Always bring perspective.
Jason Hanrahan Contrast Logic

Jason M. Hanrahan
Founder & Creative Director of Contrast Logic


For any inquiries please email

jason @