a Story can be your best brand strategy

Right now your customers are like Dorthy, stuck in sepia tone Kansas, with no knowledge of the wonders beyond.

The Wizard of Oz (1939) | Dorothy sings "Somewhere Over The … | Flickr

It’s your brand that wants to bring them to Oz to show them a better way.

And all those challenges along the yellow brick road, well, your services and products are uniquely positioned to guide them along the way.

The Wizard of Oz (1939) | They finally approach the Emerald … | Flickr

I can provide you with the map, the compass, and the resources needed for your customers to get to your version of Oz, without the mess of a tornado.


So, if you’re a CEO, entrepreneur, or board member and you want to find new ways to bring impact to your brand and maybe find new revenue streams, let’s talk. Schedule a call with me here.

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NJ Hair Center

At the heart of it, wigs and toupees are not a hot topic of conversation.

But it is a problem that people have been dealing with since the dawn of time. When NJ Hair Center approached us to create a video ad, we knew the delicate subject matter needed a bit of humor.

Vinnie Mootz

When it comes to fresh, local made mozzarella – the product tends to speak for itself.

But in this case, quick documentary style video segments help on social media. Part of our Splintered Media video package, you can get videos like these delivered monthly on a consistent basis.

SUDC Foundation

Town Title Fundraiser 2020

Town Title Fundraiser 2021

The truth About Cannabusiness – A Documentary Film

Are You Sure?

Comedy is hard. So I decided to write and shoot a sketch comedy in three days.
How’d I do?

Angry Drunks (The Game)

Throw beer bottles at cops…
A mobile application I helped create, direct, and program.
Still available on the app stores.

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