Why Video is the Current and Future Tool for Businesses and Brands to Succeed

August 18, 2020

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video must be valued at least a million or more. Pictures and images (both still and moving) resonate with readers and users. It’s a well-known fact (that’s easily proven) the use of images is the best way to connect with consumers.  Videos and visually stunning photos are a must-have essential tool for businesses and their brands.

Let’s take a deeper look with how and why video is so important both today and in the future. We’ll also discover ways to effectively use videos for greater success for today’s businesses and their all-important brands. And pardon all the parenthesis. 

Early Media Mentions With Successful Product Placements

Before we move forward, let’s take a brief moment to take a step back. Some argue that video for businesses and brands began long before the explosion of today’s more modern and available technology. Many media mentions were often seen as product placements in the film and television industries.

Think of it this way, in Steven Spielberg’s overwhelmingly popular, family-friendly adventurous romp, E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial, the alien’s iconic catchphrase of “phone home” became part of pop culture and cinematic history. In the background, the clever product placement of Reese’s Pieces candy and the alien’s yum-factor for the sweet treats caused a 65% increase in sales for this chocolate and peanut-buttery product. 

In another case (and an equally lame pun), during John Grisham’s powerful legal drama The Firm, the sly placement of the Red Stripe beer band propelled the product to a 50% spike in sales for the otherwise lesser-known suds. Psychologists point to a powerful effect these subliminal showings and appearances have on consumers. What’s interesting to note here is that according to these mindful professionals, on a subconscious level, these placements deliver powerful results in recognition that lead to higher sales.

On-Screen Successes With Weird Sit-Com Fails

Tuning in and turning back to the TV channel, the unbelievably popular nineties sitcom Friends brought together an unlikely set of a half-dozen acquaintances that meshed into a decade long series. During the show, many die-hard fans noticed product placements that weren’t items you’d be able to find anywhere in New York City.

On the other hand, during one particular episode, the plot was considered by many to be a 22-minute commercial for a business and many of its products. During “The One With The Apothecary Table” episode, not only was the table highlighted throughout the episode, multiple items and pieces from Pottery Barn were displayed and promoted. 

The Phenomenal Reach of YouTube

A great deal has changed since the friends were hanging out on the couch at the fictional Central Perk coffee shop. Visual entertainment has moved from the small screens in our living rooms to much larger ones. Viewers are now more consumed with watching most everything from their omnipresent handheld devices. Today YouTube is the clear leader when it comes to how today’s customers are consuming their media when you consider these recent eye-opening stats and facts:

  • More than 70% of YouTube time is watched from mobile devices
  • 90% of viewers are tuning into YouTube — compare that to just 17% of people watching the news on CNN
  • Another 90% of users report discovering new products or brands on this popular platform 
  • Nearly 2/3 of today’s businesses are posting videos on this channel

How to Leverage YouTube for Your Business and Brand

The next logical step to live long and prosper (sorry couldn’t resist that one) online is to understand the best ways to leverage YouTube for the betterment of your business and brand. And who else should we turn to for advice on this topic other than Google who practically owns the internet? In this light, here are some of their tips and tricks they are recommending and the reasons why people are using this popular platform.

Learning New Skills and Pursuing Passions — Online videos are more than entertainment and potentially viral content. People are watching this material to learn new skills and pursue their passions. As a matter of fact, 4 out of 5 users report educational videos help them to reduce stress. 

Relatable and Motivational — People who are learning a new skill or getting a product review want to see real experiences, warts, and mistakes included. Relatable people and products connect better with audiences. This equates to 3 out of 4 watchers believing it’s important for this material to be genuine, relatable, and authentic for motivational purposes (perhaps it’s because they don’t want to end up in a van down by the river).

Taking Action and Promoting Purchases — After a viewer feels they’ve learned enough about something online they’re motivated to take action and that includes making purchases. This points to 7 of 10 people feeling empowered, motivated, or confident after learning something new on YouTube.

Intentions, Buying, and Discovery — Many people don’t have intentions of buying or recognizing new brands on this channel, but it still happens. Inspired by new information, most users search for more information with additional research. Again, 90% of people discover new brands and products on YouTube and 80% of online searches lead to more research with videos.

Pushing the Point of Purchase — Videos empower consumers at every part of the buying journey from discovery to point of purchase. Furthermore, 55% of shoppers admit to watching online videos while they’re shopping and there is a 110% year-after-year growth for videos about which products consumers should buy.

BONUS: Part of what makes YouTube a unique (un)social network is it’s virtually anonymous for the viewer which often makes them feel more comfortable. There’s no public profile, status, or other demographics for users to use this platform. Aside from comments, there’s no interaction with the viewers unless a business or brand responds.

BONUS 2 – The Sequel: If you’re looking to shortcut the process with video integration and have it done-for-you, we should talk.

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