What I Learned About The Mobile Revolution From The Playground

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The mind is a muscle and it loves playgrounds... put your phone away for an hour todayThe mobile revolution is among us… and here’s what I learned at the playground yesterday.

Not too long ago, most mobile phones had no method of accessing the Internet. And the ones that did had an atrocious experience. Seriously, going to the dentist was more pleasant. But today, if your business isn’t mobile friendly – you’re losing business.

I took my daughter to the playground yesterday. It also happened to be the first day of school for the town. About the same time we got there was when school let out. Not the best time to take a 1 year old to the playground. As all these kids ran around like maniacs – I noticed a few things about each and everyone of them. First, they were all under 12… Second, nearly every single one of them had a smartphone in their hand.

What does a 12 year old at the playground have to do with your business? Probably nothing, unless that’s your market (but you should be targeting the parents instead). I digress. This lesson is about the advancement and shear number of mobile devices in use on a daily basis.

I remember a time when you could go to the mall or out to dinner and people watch. Or dare I say it, have a conversation with the person next to you. People are attached to their devices. I’m guilty of this as well… my phone is rarely out of reach.

While running a report for a client the other day I noticed our mobile Facebook ads were out performing desktop ads. When you run a FB ad you can specify desktop or mobile for where you want the ad to display. And to get the most reach, you should always select both. Then FB will optimize the delivery of your ad to focus on wherever it works best. In most cases I’ve seen so far, mobile always comes out on top.

Even in the web design community, there is a method of designing a website which called Mobile First. This way of designing a website starts with a mobile design first, then elements are arranged and added to look good on desktop computers.

The takeaway here is you should always look ahead… we’re in a mobile revolution. You have a device that can instantly communicate via high-definition video with someone on the other side of the world. While simultaneously accessing any bit of past human history. Yet, when the device is slow, the reaction is usually, “I hate this stupid phone.” 

Make sure your business is future proof by incorporating a mobile strategy. These devices are only getting faster with more capability. And if your business doesn’t capitalize on it, you’re missing out.

If you’d like to discuss your options for putting together a mobile strategy or how you can better optimize your online presence to take advantage of the mobile revolution – schedule a free consultation today.

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