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A process driven method for Storytelling

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Jason M. Hanrahan

Video content is outperforming every other type of media online... it's about time every business starts thinking like a media company.

Comedy is always the path of least resistance towards evoking emotion in storytelling.

Though, it’s not always an easy process and it’s not always applicable to every situation. However, we’d like to weave it in whenever possible. Good storytelling is about evoking emotion. Emotional connections are what resonate with an audience. It’s what hooks them in the first few seconds of your video and it’s what keeps them watching.

My job as a filmmaker/marketer is to identify that underlying emotion. Tie it into a storyline that gets your message across and directs your viewer to take action.

If your content is relevant to what your ideal customer wants, then they’ll keep watching.

If it’s entertaining, interesting, informative, and educational – all the better!

And I know what you’re thinking… “video production is hard work. I don’t know where to start or what to say. And hiring a production company is expensive.”

Those thoughts are not wrong… but they also don’t have to be right. At Contrast Logic, we want to make video content affordable while still providing exceptional results.

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NJ Hair Center

At the heart of it, wigs and toupees are not a hot topic of conversation.

But it is a problem that people have been dealing with since the dawn of time. When NJ Hair Center approached us to create a video ad, we knew the delicate subject matter needed a bit of humor.

Vinnie Mootz

When it comes to fresh, local made mozzarella – the product tends to speak for itself.

But in this case, quick documentary style video segments help on social media. Part of our Splintered Media video package, you can get videos like these delivered monthly on a consistent basis.

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