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Branding your business should not be a cliché

| Branding | Marketing

I really dislike the term “one stop shop” anytime I see it. It’s so cliché. And you should avoid using it at all costs. Why? Clichés are well-known phrases lacking in original thought and are often way overused. Let’s “dive a little deeper” into that saying… A one-stop shop is business that where various customer … Continued

December 2016

November 2016

Increase your brand effectiveness by getting mobile

| Branding | Mobile

What did we do years ago when our smartphone didn’t dictate our lives? When you wanted to buy something, you had to go to the store and (gasp) interact with an actual live human being. If you couldn’t find what you wanted, there were limitations to your shopping outcome. If you wanted to learn something, … Continued

September 2016

What I Learned About The Mobile Revolution From The Playground

| Marketing | Mobile

The mobile revolution is among us… and here’s what I learned at the playground yesterday. Not too long ago, most mobile phones had no method of accessing the Internet. And the ones that did had an atrocious experience. Seriously, going to the dentist was more pleasant. But today, if your business isn’t mobile friendly – … Continued

April 2016

What Everybody Ought To Know About Their Branding…

| Branding

What makes a brand stand out from the competition so much that people will stand in line for hours to buy from you? There are 3 stages of branding that every business should pay attention to. Don’t worry, none of this is technical. You can start implementing this today. It doesn’t matter if you’re an … Continued

March 2016

5 Tips to Own Your Brand

| Branding

There will always be more questions about branding than there will be answers. But knowing exactly what your brand is and isn’t will increase your audience. One important thing to keep in mind… Your brand is the core of your marketing, the central theme around your products and services. Your brand is not your Logo … Continued