The 5 Things Killing Your Professional Credibility

This is a topic I’ve wanted to discuss for quite some time now.

There’s nothing worse than seeing someone make seemingly minor mistakes when it comes to their branding.

This video explains the 5 things that I believe kill your credibility online or at the most they make me cringe. Resolving these issues is no big task either, maybe a few minutes of your time. But the difference in the perspective of your customer is monumental.

5 Professional Credibility Killers

  1. Unbranded email
    Use a custom domain like and stay away from email addresses like @gmail, @yahoo, or @verizon. They don’t look professional.

  2. Cluttered email signature
    Too many calls to action in your email footer draw attention away from the message in the email. You’re writing the email with a sole purpose in mind, don’t give them other options to get distracted.

  3. Neglected website
    If your website looks like it was made in 1995, chances are people are not visiting it. More and more people are relying on their smartphones for everything and if your website is neglected, your business will meet the same fate.

  4. Unclaimed listings
    Business listings are a dime a dozen these days, but the big players still carry a lot of influence. This includes Google and Facebook. Claim your business listing on these sites, it’s free and takes minutes of your time. They are the foundation of your online presence, hands down.

  5. Me, me, me, and O.S.S.
    If you’re using terms like One Stop Shop and “we pride ourselves on efficiency and we’ve been in business for 34 year using cutting edge technology to help our customers”. These don’t say anything. They add zero value to your business. So cut them out. Focus more on your customer. Talk about them. Talk about how and why your helping them. They don’t care about you, they care about themselves. It’s a fact of life.


Looking for the catch?

Why give out information like this for nothing?

Because I want to make sure you are better informed with your online presence. The better informed you are the more likely your going to want to boost that presence and hire an agency to do it right.

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