Software & Mobile

Looking to automate the mundane, repetitive tasks associated with business? Further opening your schedule to do more specific tasks that require your time.

Or maybe you have the next million dollar idea, looking for the next step…

You’ve arrived at the right place… but beware, there’s some groundwork to cover first.

Software and mobile apps are a great addition to society when they solve a problem. That problem can be something people aren’t aware of specifically, but the affects are well known. That’s the first point: solve the problem.

The second point is often the cliff that kills off most good ideas… if you’re unable/unwilling/uncompromising when it comes to putting the time or funding in – your idea has a high risk of stopping here. Every endeavor requires a significant amount of time to be put in and if you are unable to do so, be prepared to pay a premium.

When it comes to budgeting for software and mobile applications most people are at a loss. It’s difficult to vizualize how an application is built and what the required funding will be. There is no hardset default figure that is easily mentioned, however you can expect to pay in the 10s of thousands upwards to 100 thousand – again, this greatly depends on what the application is and there is no way of determining the budget until all details are ironed out.

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