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There is enough background noise as it is whenever anyone mentions marketing and SEO. SEO (search engine optimization) on it’s own has a sort of snake oil characteristic where people intentionally make it out to be more confusing than it is. And every business already gets enough unwanted solicitation from foriegn companies promising number 1 positioning on the search results (Don’t fall for it1).

The area of marketing and SEO is an art & science where trial and error is the only method that leads to success. This ongoing process demands attention and has a prerequisite of time as an investment.

If you want to increase your audience which eventually translates into additional customers or clients, the technical details about it are arbitrary. So long as it doesn’t lead to user frustration and results are measurable and maintainable.

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1If any company promises to get you #1 positioning on Google or they say a spot just opened up on the front page and you can purchase a slot – it’s a scam and you will be wasting money for nothing in return. In the universe of search results things change quickly and rapidly. Nothing is guarunteed to work or last forever.