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A Half-Day Crash Course for Building a Profitable Marketing Plan​

Lyndhurst, NJ
January 2020 • 9a

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By the end of the session you will walk out with a tactical marketing roadmap to predictably transform ice cold prospects into buyers and promoters.

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January 2020 • 9am-12p • Lyndhurst, NJ
Jason M. Hanrahan
Creative Director and Owner at Contrast Logic

Bergen Community College
1280 Wall Street West
Lyndhurst, NJ
Limited Seating Available

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Stop Wasting Money on Marketing Tactics Without a Marketing Plan!

Before you spend any of more of your marketing budget on flashy tactics, you should ask yourself:
    • How does my audience first become aware of my brand? What’s the first touchpoint?
    • What is my brand doing to help that audience move towards an after state?
    • What are the metics that are most important and which ones are purely vanity?
    • How will you maximize profits on customer acquisition?
With a strategic plan mapped out, you’ll be able to INTENTIONALLY and PREDICTABLY transform ice cold prospects into sales.


The Customer Value Journey

Your customers don’t want your product/service, they are in search of the after state. The transformation from “I have a problem” to “My problem is solved.”

If you take the time to understand the emotional and psychological triggers of why people decide to buy stuff, you can position your brand as the logical choice in their decision making process.

The way to do this is mapped out in the Customer Value Journey. This journey leads your prospects from the moment they become aware of your brand down a path towards advocacy and promotion of your brand to others.

Watch this quick 5-minute video to learn more about the Customer Value Journey.

Limited Seating Available

By failing to prepare you are preparing to fail.

Keeping up with social media posts can be down-right frustrating.
Some days you’re in a rush to post something on social media…
You’re rushing because you know it’s important, so you make an effort to do it and since there’s already a burning todo list of things you’d much rather do — this is in the way.
As a result, that social media effort leaves you feeling like you’re blindly shouting into the dark wondering if it even matters.
Wouldn’t it be nice if marketing your brand wasn’t such a burden?
During this intensive workshop we’ll map out your Customer Value Journey and you’ll be able to leverage social media and more to create raving super fans.
Oh, and the best part… much of it is on auto-pilot.
Are you ready for launch?

At this half-day intensive workshop you will discover...

How to Identify and Attract Your Perfect Customers.​

There's no secret here. Business is all about relationships and marketing is no different. In order to attract your perfect audience, you first have to get to know them. Like, really, really well. Don't worry, we've got a plan we'll share with you. The better you understand your customer, the more opportunities to connect with them will be available.​

The Exact Metrics and Goals to Watch for Results.

Time and time again, we hear the words, "I don't know if my marketing is working." It's a shame because in today's world data is becoming a commodity and it's everywhere. Every action on the interwebs is tracked, it's just reality. Learning how to filter out the vanity metrics from what matters most is easier than you might think.

Modern Marketing Strategies Backed by Science

If you're stuck doing the same old thing day in and day out, you're going to keep getting the same results. Improvement only comes from adaptation and for that to happen you need to test new things. But not just random things. Using a scientific approach, you'll be able to tap into the minds of your audience with a few tricks from the psychology department.

Individual Tactics to Carry Out and Implement Your Strategic Plan.

The problem most people have is they run into roadblocks with social media, their website, or their search results (to name a few). Issues often arise when these tactics are carried out independent of an overall vision. With a strategic plan your tactics, once implemented, will work together to drive new leads and increase conversions.

How to Increase the Lifetime Value of a Customer

Once you acquire a paying customer, your customer is more likely to buy from you again. Learn to position your offers in a way that stack value for your customer and adjust the slack on your margins. By the time they get through your Customer Value Journey, they'll be saying, "Shut up and take my money!"

An Authority Building Framework Uniquely Positioning Your Brand at the Top

Having a brand means having authority. You're the subject matter expert and your customers have questions and problems. If you learn to leverage your knowledge and experience, you'll be able to position your brand as the solution. We'll show you a few tactics to implement to start increasing your authority that will keep you top of mind in your customer's mind.

The Not So Dirty Marketing Trick for Consistency (Spoiler Alert: Automation!)

Great marketing takes time, everyone can understand that. But what you need to know is that your marketing efforts don't have to consume your day to day activities. Sure there's some aspects that you might need to babysit but for the most part, much of your marketing can be automated. Image that? Would you like more time back on your calendar each month?

How to Stand Out From the Noise

The world of the internet is full of content. There's over 4 million hours uploaded to YouTube every day, over 67 million posts added to Instagram each day, and over 5 Billion Facebook post interactions on Facebook EVERY DAY! That's a lot of content. So how do you stand out and not contribute to the noise? We'll show you that too.

My Guarantee

What’s a marketing offer without a guarantee, right?

Here’s the deal… attend the entire seminar. If you don’t love it, I’ll refund you 100% on the spot PLUS I’ll give you a $25 gas gift card to repay you for driving/tolls/etc.

There’s no hidden agenda here… sure we’d love to continue working together in the future. But most importantly, I want you to have a better understanding of what opportunities you might be missing out on within your marketing efforts.

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January 2020, 9am-12pm