Do you know the worst website in North Jersey?

What makes it the worst? You probably already know but here’s a few reminders:

  • The last update is older than first iPhone release.
  • Navigation is impossible – it’s full of broken links.
  • The content reads like the instruction manual of your refrigerator.
  • You can’t see it at all on your phone.
  • Alien life seems easier to find than anything on the website.
  • Dial-up was faster compared to how it loads.

This site is out there and you’ve seen it. It’s cringe worthy. Your grandmother wouldn’t be happy with your choice of words in describing your distaste. How could it be so far behind the times?

We want to help! We’re going to crown the worst website in North Jersey… and give the owner a brand new one. For free.

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At Contrast Logic, we believe small businesses deserve effective websites. Great websites are effective in delivering value to the customers. A website should communicate the brand’s message quick and be clear to the point. We care so much that we’re going to fix the problem. Free of charge – for one lucky North Jersey business that has the absolute WORST website.

Nominate the website that makes you cringe.

C’mon, if it’s your own, it’s time to turn yourself in.

NJ Worst Website Contest