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What did we do years ago when our smartphone didn’t dictate our lives?

Mobile users are everywhere

When you wanted to buy something, you had to go to the store and (gasp) interact with an actual live human being. If you couldn’t find what you wanted, there were limitations to your shopping outcome.

If you wanted to learn something, you would have to ask someone who knew or go look it up in a book. Back then books were in the library, requiring knowledge of the Dewey decimal system. And lest we forget the card catalog system.

The only videos you watched were on tv and when you wanted to communicate with someone, you had to talk to them. No texting. How annoying… am I right?

Yet today, we have an enormous amount of connectivity surrounding us. At all times. When you pick up your mobile device, chances are you’re looking to learn, find, do, or buy something right now. And in no time at all, you’re connected to whatever will get you your desired results. Who has time to wait for anything these days?

Combining search results, app interactions, website visits, social media engagement, and video views – these micro-moments are happening all the time. And the effect on your brand is you are now in the game of being chosen, visibility alone is not enough anymore.

The mentality of seeing mobile users as something secondary is an unfortunate step backwards. Mobile is the status quo. It’s no longer something to think about for tomorrow… it needs to be an immediate focus. Today.

50% of global web traffic is from mobile devices

Building an online presence with a focus on being mobile is more than half the battle. Yet, I continue to see businesses without a mobile strategy. Businesses could see tremendous value if they showed mobile users they cared. This is as simple as keeping your website from being a cause of frustration among visitors. Show you understand people are on their phones. They are on short on time with lots of available options and short attention spans. Make it easy for them to buy/find/do whatever it is you want them to do on your website.

Because we’ve all been to a website that didn’t load right on your phone. How long did it take before you found your way to the back button in search of a website that worked on your phone?

Your brand can’t afford to miss the opportunities to engage mobile consumers. The buyer intention is there. It’s up to you to identify and focus on the customer journey. From here you can better understand your competition and how you rank against them. With a plan in place you can reach a larger audience.

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