This is a sales pitch for a free consultation.
There are no if, ands or buts about it. It is what it is.

Much like you, I have a business to run.

I've also got a boss lady about three feet tall who barks orders at me constantly. (Do I really have to watch Moana again!? Spoiler alert: pretty sure they’re going to restore the Heart of Te Fiti this run, too.)

You’re here because you know something is missing in your marketing. And you know you should be fixing it.

But you're not.

Right now, you're overwhelmed, you don't have the time or you’re just not interested in figuring out how social media, digital marketing and all that complex online advertising stuff works.

Sound about right?

You're not alone.

Like a skilled treasure hunter, I've made it my job to help business owners like you clear away chaotic layers of time-wasting social media sediment, exposing only the shimmering, productive gems that yield more leads, faster.

I’ve even already setup a consultation call for you. In it, I'll cover items like:
  •  How to build a social media following with an engaged audience.
    ($500.00 value)
  •  Why your website traffic is super important and where to get it.
    ($900.00 value)
  •  What you can do to boost your online reputation in as little as 10 minutes/week.
    ($250.00 value)
After the call, you'll know exactly what your business needs to do to integrate social media marketing into your existing advertising. I’ll also make sure you understand how to use this new tool for brand awareness and lead generation. 

You'll gain a better understanding of why the focus on digital is so important for future business growth. Companies that don’t embrace the changing tide will continue to lose market share as their narrowed markets dwindle.

Bottom line: after the call, you'll be less stressed about the world of digital marketing and ready to take action!

And, yes during the call I'll ask if you would like all of this heavy lifting done for you. It's entirely your decision. Absolutely no pressure (my word).

In the meantime, the boss is requesting a meeting at the monkey bars. Last one there, per the laws of the playground, is a rotten egg.

Talk soon,


Can't beat that smile
Here I am with my two favorite people.
Your consultation is with me...

Jason M. Hanrahan

Owner / Creative Director, Contrast Logic, LLC