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January 2018

| Marketing | Online Presence Strategy

You just lost another really good potential customer. Right then, did you feel it in your wallet? They went online to find out about your company and what they found was that you didn’t have a viable online presence. Because of that, they thought you were probably out of touch and certainly weren’t the sort … Continued

November 2017

| Branding | Marketing | Online Presence Strategy | Online Reputation Management

This is a topic I’ve wanted to discuss for quite some time now. There’s nothing worse than seeing someone make seemingly minor mistakes when it comes to their branding. This video explains the 5 things that I believe kill your credibility online or at the most they make me cringe. Resolving these issues is no … Continued

January 2017

| Branding | Marketing

I really dislike the term “one stop shop” anytime I see it. It’s so cliché. And you should avoid using it at all costs. Why? Clichés are well-known phrases lacking in original thought and are often way overused. Let’s “dive a little deeper” into that saying… A one-stop shop is business that where various customer … Continued

September 2016

| Marketing | Mobile

The mobile revolution is among us… and here’s what I learned at the playground yesterday. Not too long ago, most mobile phones had no method of accessing the Internet. And the ones that did had an atrocious experience. Seriously, going to the dentist was more pleasant. But today, if your business isn’t mobile friendly – … Continued

March 2016

A poorly constructed online presence can can have devastating effects
| Branding | Marketing

Your web presence is a massive, ever changing, and volatile element. And as it continues to grow, it can quickly spread into fantastic brand recognition or it can spiral out of control leading to negative results. The good news is you can learn to tame it with little effort. But before we get any further, … Continued

February 2016

What's your customer experience feel like?
| Marketing

Most website owners forget crucial aspect about their website… Anyone who has gone to the mall during the holiday season can understand people are greedy. In the end they do not care about you, they care about themselves. This doesn’t have to be a bad thing. The first thing to change on your website is … Continued