Case Studies

Custom Website Redesign

Eliminating clutter with simplicity, the new layout is much easier to navigate.

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Dr. Krieger’s website focuses on the patient’s concerns while keeping a minimal and easy to understand layout. Because of the confidential nature of running a dental practice, the website is served from a secure server furthering the professionalism of the office.

Custom design & layout

We decided on a minimal design structure, eliminating cluttered elements. The call to action is direct and easy to spot.

Social media campaign

With a blog launch campaign, we are able to build an online audience while providing valuable content to readers. Through social media retargeting, special offers can be directed to a warm audience.

Professional copywriting

The content was written with the patient in mind… with the text blocks kept short and easy to read, anyone can quickly understand the benefits of the practice.

Search engine optimization

By simply building a properly structured website with optimized content, along with a few other strategies, we were able to dominate local search results.

Custom Blog Redesign

Mobile compatibility is crucial for future-proofing any website

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With an over 1,000 sessions per day the user experience is an important factor in a blog. When articles or categories are difficult to find, it leads to user frustration. The goal is to increase the audience to continuously drive traffic to the articles while increasing the brand to be seen as an authority status.

Custom design & layout

Cleaner navigation structure allowing multiple authors to easily contribute material while allowing website visitors to quickly find the content they need.

On-site search engine optimization

With an organized structure on the backend of a website, content can easily be shared via social media channels.

Mobile Application Design & Development

A mobile kiosk is a great way to supplement the customer experience for any brick & mortar business.

In today’s society more and more focus is on automation. Many time consuming or innefficient business processes can be streamlined which adds value to the user experience.

This iPad application was used in part of an in-store display at a major electronics distributor. The focus was to showcase the different levels of software available to the consumer.

The application was distributed via the Apple Store’s business network.

Mobile Application Design & Development

Mobile sales companion

Physical retail environments or sales professionals can supplement any sales cycle through the use of a mobile application or presentation. With the power of demonstration at their fingertips a sales represenative can quickly explain in detail any complex ideas while including user input to drive the focus.

This iPad application was designed to help the sales team explain the differences in technology when making a purchase.

Advanced Software Prototyping

Custom ordering and customer tracking system

Optimizing your business for automation through the use of custom software improves your revenue. By eliminating the repetitive and mundane tasks of everyday (or forgotten sporadic tasks) your availability becomes open to the more demanding situations… the important moments of business… when you’re making money.

Through the use of prototypes, all ideas are subjected to a rigorous proof of concept development cycle. This initial process reduces wasted time and focus by setting the expectations.

Custom Membership Application

Tiered level membership provides controlled access to products and materials

With a custom built access control system, members are only able to access the content level they are subscribed to.