Your website deserves traffic

An effective website is a must-have for any business, no matter the industry.

But what makes a website effective?

You might think it’s the design, or the layout, or perhaps the content… And you wouldn’t be wrong in thinking… but what makes a great website stand out is the audience.

When you have a captivated audience regularly visiting your website, you automatically have potential customers already interested in your brand. This is the critical element most web designers miss out on.

With most web design agencies you get a beautifully designed website, but no plan for how you will drive traffic to it.

At Contrast Logic not only do you get a great website, but an effective strategy to bring in potential customers. Isn’t that the point of a website in the first place?

The difference is in the attention to detail… looking ahead and strategizing to build brand awareness through a well-crafted website, targeted ad campaigns, or maybe something that hasn’t been done before. Start by future proofing your business with our free consultation.

There’s more to your website than you think…

Started in 2009, the idea was simple…

My goal has always been to ease the burden of managing your online presence. Knowing your website is a necessary piece is a good start, but there’s more to it. Robots can build a cheap website these days, but creating something different, something your customers are searching for, and something your customers will pay for – is an art & a science.

I’m constantly intrigued by how and why things work the way they do.


Jason M. Hanrahan, Founder of Contrast Logic

“I prefer a balanced approach of creativity and logical thinking… The rest of the time I enjoy my family, tacos, and the outdoors. I’ve been fortunate enough to go storm chasing and there’s that time I had to fill a rowboat with fifty pounds of uncooked oatmeal (best/worst internship ever).”

Jason M. Hanrahan, Huge Nerd